Vernon can’t wait for February to celebrate in the Winter Carnival!


One of Vernon’s most beloved traditions! The Winter Carnival has been a part of Okanagan culture for over fifty years, but its history goes way further back than that! The very first Vernon Winter Carnival, before it became a yearly tradition, was held back on the frozen Kalamalka Lake in 1893! That’s a lot of history and a lot of fun!

Winter Carnival begins this year on February 1 and goes all the way to the 10th! The famous Carnival Parade takes place downtown on February 2nd, and there are fun events for the whole ten days! Check out the Hot Air Balloon Festival, the coronation of Queen Silver Star, the BC Snow Sculpture competition up at Silver Star Mountain Village and, reflecting this year’s “pirates” theme, the “Pirates of Caribbean Dance Party” where you can salsa and merengue all night long!
If you’ve never been to the Winter Carnival, you must experience it. If you have been, you KNOW you need to make it!


The Office is one of the greatest TV shows ever. How many of us just put on episodes on Netflix at home as background noise while cleaning, and then just start watching episode after episode, fully enjoying each one even though you’ve seen it a thousand times before?

If you’re an honourary part of the Dunder Mifflin family, then head to The Green Pub February 2 for The Office Trivia. Bound to challenge even the most hardcore Dunderhead, this is a great chance to kick back with friends and quote your favourite show together. The Green’s trivia nights are a North Okanagan destination for a reason; check it out!

Whatever brings you to Vernon, know you’ll have a great stay at the Village Green Hotel. Just steps from The Green Pub and centrally located for all the events of the Winter Carnival, our friendly staff will be happy to share their tips for making the most of the Carnival! Book your stay today and we’ll do the rest.
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