The best place to stay in Vernon and the North Okanagan!

Photo by Jamie Von Sacken

Vernon comes alive all summer long! With three lakes and over a dozen beaches, there’s always something to do during the day in Vernon – even if that’s just lying in the sun and relaxing! Of course, the evenings are also hot, so here are some upcoming events we think you’ll love!


Love professional wrestling? There’s a lot to love about watching it on the TV, but there’s nothing like seeing the heart and fire of flesh and blood wrestlers take to the ring in a live setting! Thrash Wrestling is an Okanagan based circuit that puts on incredible events in our own backyard! On August 11, they will be putting on an INCREDIBLE show at The Green Pub – watch Thrash Wrestling champion, Slave, take on "Top Young Gun" Sean Gaston for the Thrash Wrestling belt! It will be excitement - and chaos - incarnate!


What’s life without a little rock and roll? Local heroes #Poundsign are Shane Sperling, Tim Reardon and Don Mutter, three hometown boys who have been playing music together since high school here in Vernon. They’ve quickly become one of the most beloved bands playing in the Okanagan!

#Poundsign play electrifying music, creating a setlist that combines classic rock and punk with some of the best feel-good hits from the top 40 playlist! This trio’s energy is completely infectious and will make you want to get up shake what your mamma gave you on the dance floor. Their eclectic approach means that even if you’re a wallflower, eventually you’re going to hear something that makes you want to move!

They’ll be playing at The Green Pub for two nights, on August 17 and 18, and both nights are sure to be HOT shows. Don’t miss out!

Whether you’re partying at The Green or just soaking up all the sun the Okanagan has to offer, know you’ll find a home in The Village Green Hotel. Our comfortable rooms offer the perfect place to rest up for another day of adventure!
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