The best place to stay in Vernon the North Okanagan!

Photo by Bruce Mars


Looking for an electrifying live show to perk up your October? Head to The Green Pub in Vernon to check out Pound Sign! Formerly known as The Young’Uns, Poundsign have been blowing away crowds in the Okanagan for close to two decades! Performing classic rock hits from across the ages, the members of Poundsign (Don Mutter, Tim Reardon and Shane Sperling) bring arena-sized talent to every bar show. They’ve got great taste in music and the chops to back it up, and they will be playing The Green October 19 and 20th. Polish up your dancing shoes – it’s going to be a blast!


The Green Pub’s Paint and Sip events are always a great time to have some fun and get creative with friends – this October 24, Paint and Sip returns with a SPOOKY version for Halloween! Guests will be prompted to paint black cats for Halloween! Materials are covered with the cost of entry, so all you have to do is show up with a desire to create and have some fun… and a thirst for wine and/or beer! Even better, you’ll have an opportunity to display your work just a week later for Halloween!


Miss the 90s? Love to dance? Then the Shake a Leg band may be right for you. Possible side effects may include having a great time, boogying down hard all night long and buying drinks for you and your friends. Don’t worry about contacting a physician before trying to Shake a Leg – they’re perfectly good for you, and available at The Green Pub October 26 and 27. Nine out of ten doctors recommend wearing costumes while watching Shake a Leg for the Green’s Halloween party!

The Green is a ton of fun, and if you’re really trying to make a night of it (we think you should!) then book a room at the Village Green Hotel for a fabulous mini-vacay in the North Okanagan. Once you’re done dancing, you don’t even have to go outside – just walk, shimmy or stumble directly to your room!
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