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Customer satisfaction for blogAs a hotel manager, I often feel like I live and die by how my hotel property is reviewed. There are online reviews everywhere TripAdvisor, Expedia, Booking.com, for the hotel; the restaurant; the pub; etc. Unfortunately, hotel executives can become myopic and think only about the outcome of being rated and the impending result of potential customers reading our guest’s online reviews; all the while missing the point … I let the guest leave without being a satisfied customer!

While the kind and generous comments from satisfied travelers are to be coveted, it is the critique from the nearly happy and/or the really disappointed, which brings to mind what our guests really want and need and find lacking, and that is to feel empowered to have a legitimate vehicle or forum that will bring about their satisfaction while still at the property and before they leave as unsatisfied would be reviewers.

Writing a negative review is always a last resort, where a customer may feel that they can let others know that a particular property or service was found to be less than acceptable. While in this day and age, the review is an acceptable vehicle to voice said complaints, in every case you can read “I was not satisfied” between the lines, and therein lies the rub! Voicing your complaint after the fact will not satisfy you; in fact, your review, even if acted upon immediately, may make a meaningful difference to subsequent travelers that visit the property in question; however, you, the unhappy and itinerant reviewer, will still not have had an acceptable travel experience.

I say then……..Speak up and be heard! Complain and explain and receive the satisfaction you deserve!

The Village Green Hotel is striving to make a difference! ! We have signage with our “comments” email address in our guest rooms, menus, front desk……just about everywhere. Yes, I (the General Manager) will get these emails to my iPhone personally and immediately……..and I will respond post haste. There is nothing that sours a trip more than not getting the satisfaction you deserve……….Before you leave!

Our front desk staff and all of our service professionals, from the 27 Street Grille and Green Pub, to our housekeeping and maintenance departments, are well trained to, not only assist you in every way, but also ensure that as our customer, and guest, you will have had a satisfactory experience before your departure.

But as our guest you have a significant role to play. You must let us know if, and more importantly, when, there is a problem. While our goal is to ‘get it right’ every time, your timely comments will ensure that we can curb any problems that have inadvertently developed and that we may have missed. We will then be able to take immediate steps to make your trip and stay a positive one; and, if necessary, and depending on the situation, offer to rebate a portion of your stay… or even have your stay on us!

Simply put dear guest, what would you prefer? Will you dust off the laptop and write a review, or will you speak up and be satisfied while still able to enjoy your stay?

Trust me; the latter will make you gladder…

Rob Glattfelder

GM Village Green Hotel

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