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Not in the way you think…  I’ve often been asked what a Director of Sales & Marketing at a hotel does.  You sell the hotel???  Yes, that’s exactly what I do.  I sell our services.  It is my job to make sure the hotel is known as a great accommodation option to potential travelers to our region.  This is done by way of advertising (Marketing), calls to companies here in Vernon who may have clients coming to visit their businesses, attending Travel Trade Shows where I meet with Tour Companies interested in bringing their clients to our beautiful area and many other ways too numerous to mention in this blog.  Social Media has become such an important vehicle in promoting our services and engaging our customers.  Every day is different and offers new challenges & opportunities.  I love my job!

Wow!  It’s almost been 3 years that I have been back at ‘the Green’ as the Director of Sales & Marketing.  Yes, I started my hotel career here back in 1993 when I was the Duty Manager and then the Tour & Travel Sales Manager.  A lot has changed here over the years but one thing has stayed the same.  This is by far the best hotel that I have ever had the pleasure to work for and believe me; I’ve worked for quite a few both in the Okanagan and the Lower Mainland.

Some of the staff that were here when I was here in the early nineties are still here!  They have paid their mortgages, raised their families and continue to enhance the quality of our guest’s experience every day.  Their passion about their work and the hotel can be felt and certainly rubs off on some of our younger and less experienced employees.

In closing my first blog, I have the pleasure to work for a General Manager who has an amazing vision for the Village Green Hotel.  His ‘guest first’ attitude shows a commitment to continued expenditures throughout the hotel to further enhance our guest’s experience.  As the Sales & Marketing person for this hotel, I could not ask for more in making my job easier.  

Joan Spencer

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