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Pilon Sign Demolishing

As this is my first blog for the Village Green Hotel, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rob Glattfelder and I am the General Manager of the Village Green Hotel. I will be writing my thoughts here on a regular basis to establish an informal conversation about our hotel, our people, and most importantly you! It will be an informal “romp” about where we came from, to where we are going, and how that may relate to you, our customer.

4 years ago, in February of 2009, I had the privilege of being hired as the General Manager of the Village Green Hotel; I knew right away that my work was cut out for me as our “tired” little gem of a hotel needed some work to get back into the limelight of her former glory. Since I had experience in participating in a remodel recently, this challenge was right up my alley.

We started with updating one room, which led to 50 rooms, and then to the total 127 rooms of the hotel. In short, we were able to finish all of the rooms by May of 2010. Add a new elevator, new catering/banquet rooms, paint with loads of excitement, and it was just a short time before we all realized how much our community, Vernon BC, was rooting for us.

Comments about the refreshed new look came in on a regular basis. We came to realize that the Village Green Hotel was regarded as a landmark in our community and as such became the focus of many comments, suggestions, and reviews. To this end we determined that public input was a valuable part of our property’s revitalization process.

As the first stage of our project came to a close we realized that this was indeed, just the beginning as new and exciting thoughts began to develop about how we could bring about real change for our property, our guests, and our regular customers. As the hotel was fast approaching her 40th anniversary in 2013, we realized that it would be quite remarkable if we could have the property completely renewed by that date………..

And that will be the story for my next blog, please keep reading………..

Rob Glattfelder

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